Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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Dialga Lv X :D

AHHH *flail*

I went to Target yesterday, and I bought two packs of Great Encounter packets (Was looking for the darkrai deck so I can build on to it, but it was sold out.) Anywho I got my 2nd Lv X from this set!!


And yeah he's next to my Darkrai Lv X (who is NOT for trade) I pulled at the pre release. Anyway Dialga is possibly up for trades. I useally collect Suicune, Umbreon Raichu are the top favs. Any star/shining cards I dont have are auto trade(I have: Umbreon, Rayquaza, Groudon, Raikou, Pikachu, Flareon). (Suicune star is at the very top of my wish list) Also neat promos, or Japanese promos are wanted. Just make an offer really, if I like the art/need the card we will see. :3
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