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I have stuff!!

I am getting a lot in the post recently; testament to me spending far too much.

So I have a lot of 'packages recieved' ,messages, most of which I forget but here are the recent ones ^^;

taycs , prguitarman , juumou  (Thankyou for the stickers! ^-^), norkia  and a bunch more but I fail ;-;
Basically if I haven't messaged you recently, I've got it xD

Except for one package, moltres toy and vaporeon tomy, I can't remember who though, update plz? D:

Stuff from Gin :D

These are just sooo great. I normally don't like kids, but these are so wonderful ;_;

Extrashot-tah |3

Thankyou so much guys!! =33

I also had some uhh, uni troubles this semester, so there will be more delays in commissions. I'm sorry guys but education first and all that -__-;;;
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