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new and awesome poke-thingy!

This post is 100% gen5 certified! I am so excited for these!!!

Oh, before that, my auction ends in a few hours for a custom commission slot
go here: http://lonepichu.livejournal.com/598345.html

now on to the exciting world of bugs, crocs, and stickers!


029-8.jpg picture by Twilmer

My Megaroko plushie from Okapi is here and I could not love him more!!! I am so super excited and I know all my friends think he's so well made and he is! These plush are so well made! I love this guy so much omg

He instantly made himself at home...

029-8.jpg picture by Twilmer

much to Meraruba's displeasure XD


I got these stickers from Pheonixxfoxx! I love them all so much! So many gen5 pokemon I love!


I'm going to try to not let this be the start of a collection XD I need to conentrate on all the bugs, not the crocs too XD


beginings of a kurumiru collection!


NOOO just because he looks like a springroll doesn't mean you can eat him!


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