asdfghjkl (denouement00) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Strap Group Buy Payment Post!

Our last post hasn't quite disappeared off the front page, but I figured everyone would like an update.
nanoplasm (our strap supplier) only has TWO sets available, so sorry if you were on the list for the third set, sorry. :[ Maybe a set will show up on YJ or Ebay.


Our first set is all paid for and set, thank you all for being so prompt!
We've finished our second set, so I need your payments and then I'll order them from nanoplasm !

payment is to
please put the item you ordered in the paypal note

zefiru  Pikachu, Starters: 12.36 PAID
kardashian  Zoroark, Reshiram: 6.18 PAID
nekusagi Zorua: 3.09 PAID
flag  Mamepato: 3.09 PAID
crasholina  Kibago: 3.09 PAID
6_05  Zekrom: 3.09 PAID
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