Aislyn (wishuponjirachi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Vampapillar Love <3

I just can't help myself. I've been loving the little Kurumiru I thought it was about time I posted my Vampapillar collection so far. <3

First I've got to start with this little adorable keychain that nightmare_chan2 and I collabed on. I sketched it out and she colored him. This guy was my first custom. <33

Next is this adorable tag that was made for me by ltgriffonclaw . He's beautifully colored and I absolutely love him. <3

Now an adorable like vampy charm nightmare_chan2 got for me from hazuza . This little guy just looks so cute in an evil way! He's thirsting for blood! ...Or just maybe love. <33

I got these guys for Halloween from the wonderful moguryuu . These cute Vampapillars made my whole Halloween. <333

These two were made by Hibikitikibi on DA. She makes the most adorable stuff for ever good prices! Check her out sometime. :D

Now, my adorable Vampapillar plush that was made by strangelycute . I love him so darn much. I just can't stop looking at him and hugging. Look at those eyes, you just have to let him suck all the love out of you. <333

Lastly, these are there bookmarks nightmare_chan2 drew for me. <3 She does super adorable work!

So that's my collection so far and I hope to make it grow with many more customs and hopefully some official Kurumiru merch sometime soon. :D Thank you so much to everyone that's helped me so far! <3333
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