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A Very Late Photostory!

 So, back in July it was my 21st birthday and in effort to be original, I did not go to Las Vegas. Instead I went somewhere much specialer! 

The Grand Canyon!

But did I go alone? Of course not! So who did I take with me? Well... he's green and white and loves to fly!

Read ahead to see just who I took with me (and spot some other lovely 'poke-folks' as well)!

It's Shaymin!

Shaymin: Ugh lines?! Shaymin is too awesome for lines!

Heh, he's a little cranky from the five-hour long ride (Shaymin: Shaymin is never cranky!). But we have to buy our parking tickets before we can see the canyon!

Shaymin: This better be worth it!


I think it was worth it! XD This is Mather Point. Check out the jagged rock that is closest in the image - that baby was HUGE. 

Further down the trail, we found some spots we would actually climb down part of the canyon - and Shaymin found this neat little hiding spot.

Shaymin: Hehe Shaymin's in a cave and you'rrrrre noooot!

It was actually just a really big rock with a hole right in the middle. 

Shaymin: Don't ruin the mystery!

A mile later, we finally got to Yavapi Point! It was a piece of jutted out rock that a look-out point had been built on, protected by a gate.

Shaymin: Gate? No Gate can contain SHAYMIN. I'll just fly out of here!!

Er, Shaymin? I don't think that's such a good idea! I mean look-

-someone even lost their trainer's hat! 

Shaymin: Well then I'll fetch that too! 

Shaymin: I'M FLYING!!




Heheh, looks like Shaymin got himself in a little jam there.

Shaymin: A little HELP please?

Okay, okay, but no more flying for you. Look you even made this Starly sad!

I'm actually not sure what kind of bird this actually is, but it kind of looks like a Starly XD

Shaymin: Yeah, but who cares?! It's not a picture of ME!


Shaymin: Do I look like a Grumpig to you?!

No but you sure are grum-PY. I think it's time to go home. 

But on the way home we spotted something quite amazing!

Who's that Pokemon?!

Why they are Stantler and Shikijika! 

This is literally the best shot I could get. It was raining (it rained a lot that weekend) so I had to snap some shots quickly and get myself and my camera back in the car. This wasn't the only time we saw deer either, but unfortunately the other time was on the bus - so those shots came out even worse XD But we did see a baby deer too!

The next day... we headed up to Yuki Point. Probably the highest point on the entire canyon on the North side.

Don't be fooled, Shaymin is right on the edge of that rock XD It was TERRIFYINGLY high. I was a little afraid of losing him right over the edge.


I know you don't Shay-Shay. I'm surprised more of the canyon doesn't have more railings and fences built in - but that would destroy a huge portion of it's beauty.

And when we came back down from the point, we met a Pachirisu that climbed right into my lunch box looking for food! My friend named her Anabella and we fed her trail mix.

Shaymin: I like her! Look at that fierce battle scar on her eye! She must of fought off a Fearow!

She definitely was a trooper. 

And friendly too.

Okay, VERY friendly. The little pale hand right there is mine. She let us all pet her - even her TAIL we could pet. I've never been that close to a wild squirrel before - let alone have it be so friendly. 

But the bus came to pick us up, and we had to leave her behind and head for the West side of the Northern canyon. The north side was all we saw - to get to the South side is like an eight hour drive, no joke XD

Again Shaymin (and myself) are right on the edge XD Look at how far down it is!

This is, I believe, The Abyss. It is the deepest part of the entire canyon. And if you look closely, you can spot a part of the Colorado river, only really visible from this side! Shaymin really hated to leave this place.

Shaymin: This is so awesome!

Come on Shaymin, we gotta go.

Shaymin: Five more minutes?

Okay... Okay...

Uh-oh. Whats this?!

A Murkrow! That's a bad omen right there.

Shaymin: You're superstitious! Shaymin is afraid of nothing!

Is Shaymin afraid of Kyogre?

Shaymin: Of course not!

Well, I think he's kind of angry...

Because he's sending a storm our way! I think it's time to go home. Hurry Shaymin, it's going to get cold! I'll protect you!

Shaymin: *ears droop* I really don't do good with the cold...

And that's when we went home because the rain was fierce (freezing rain in July, certainly wasn't dressed for that!). Because of all the rain, we missed the sunset both days - a big bummer for me. But, all in all, it was still an amazing trip! A definite recommended must-see for all of you!

I hope you enjoyed my little photostory and thanks for reading!!
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