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"Group buy" reminder!

This is a reminder for my BW retsuden stamps "group buy" (ie. buy my stuff for cheaper shipping by routing it through whitecygnet)! I'll be shipping these off to whitecygnet on Monday morning my time, so you have two more days to get claims and payments in :)

Click on the image to go to the buy! I realised that I forgot to add the chipmunk/meerkat/beaver thing to the list of stamps available, so I have now done so \o/ megami36, I still need your payment for Miju!

You can choose stamps from my sales to be sent over with the group buy too! I have lots of DP stamps left. I'm only including stamps in the group buy this time, but you can have other things sent directly to you, or I'm hoping to run a bigger group buy for my sales in general soonish (PM me if you're interested in "hosting"!).

look for stamps (and other things) here!
Tags: sales
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