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various plush GA is in!

My GA partner's Kyogre! Ahh look at his perfect little embroidered eyes *u* He has stiff cardboard or something in his fins so they stick out straight.

Did I mention all of these plush are in pretty excellent condition? :D Buneary is super soft ahh! Pachirisu's tail is supposed to be sewn to the back of his head but the thread's been cut - other than that, precious!

How did they make Torterra so cute. I have no idea. Eevee's tush tag has been cut off, but Chikorita still has its paper tags - Chikorita also wasn't claimed, so you can buy her now for $5!


Eevee has a fuzzy tail and is basically the cutest.

Oh god I love these guys. Augh. The winner of these two should sell them to me >:C They're so soft and super adorable asdf. I want them. Oh the woes of a GA shipper!! To see all of these lovelies in person and not be allowed to keep them all..

I want to keep Elekid too asdf. He has beans in his stuffing so he plops all perfect. He is the best. Manaphy and Treecko weren't claimed, so you can buy Manaphy for $5 or Treecko for $3! Manaphy has a smallish scratch on the red gem on his chest which you can see in the photo. Treecko is a friends plush which is probably the most adorable mini plush line.  Both sold, thanks! :D

BFFs!! (also hi random orange giraffe, glopchu, giantchu, and His Highness)

That's it! C: I'll comment to everyone individually about shipping totals in a few days - but if you see this post, please let me know if you want your plush shipped in a large bubble mailer or a box! I don't have any largeish mailers right now, so I'd have to wait till tomorrow or so to pick some up. I DO have a bunch of little boxes, aaand I'm pretty sure at least Chikorita and Eevee (and maybe Uxie!) will fit in the smaller mailers I have now, if you don't mind them being a little squished. XD If you go with a small mailer or box and pay shipping by tonight, I'll have them sent out tomorrow!

.. and no, I haven't shipped any of my recent sales stuff out yet, sorry guys ;n; Post office has terrible hours, I have no ride during the week, post office closes early on Saturday, etc etc etc excuses.  But I'll try my best to get there tomorrow, which means if you buy from my ~*sales post*~ tonight I can probably have your stuff out tomorrow yay :D

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