Stephy Wolf (stephy_wolf) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Stephy Wolf

How to spot the fakes?

Hello everyone!
So I did the major no-no of not only buying Pokemon plushes on ebay but from sellers in China as well.
The buneary came in perfectly, though I didn't know she was electronic when I bought her.
My Umbreon Pokedoll... not exactly what I expected. I'm not sure if I was expecting different than what I got, or if she's just not right- She has a "Pokedoll" tag, and a gamefreaks tush tag but I'm still not sure.

So all you seasoned pokemon collectors... How do you spot the fakes?
(And I'm sorry I can't post a picture of my Umbreon to help- Only camrea I have is on my phone and it's not liking her dark coloring at all)

Finished auction found here

for anyone that wants to look and throw in their two cent on this specific case.
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