frugrow (frugrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shipping payments! + new BW Merch

The zukans finally came in!


Aren't they awesome? There are some minor paint rubs but I will try my best to clean them up before I ship them out. The seller also included a freebie.  A Reshiram tissue pack! I don't care for it so if you participated in the GA, just add $2.50 on top of your payment if you want to claim it. I'll use that for the shipping supplies and gas to the post office.

Now the shipping prices..I usually discount the shipping for my sales post but since this is not a sales post, I'd have to charge the regular shipping fee.  O_>

Sorry it's so high but at least we won the zukans at a great price!

knienke = 8.88

saberalter =8.88

rtrolezi =9.84

chibi_flare =5.97

Please send payments to bucky_ducky [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

I calculated the shipping fee based on your Paypal address. If the zukans are going to another address then please let me know immediately!

Some squishy charms!

Really fancy party/birthday bag...

A box!

Tags: group auction, payments, zukan
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