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No one you know :]

Received and Shipped! more post XD I'm sorry XD but I got 3 packages today o_o! Two were from a friend of mine, being an early birthday gift and one was a card she helped me win (as I don't have an ebay account =\) The other was from candycafe!! - These cards are absolutely *stunning* I love them o_o Thank you so much =D!!!!

I also mailed packages today for: goku_the_saru, pikachuashnat and chibisilverwing

unowncafe and anuvia, I will be mailing your stuff between tomorrow and Friday =D!

under the cut are pictures of what I mentioned above =D

These are the great cards I got from candycafe!! Thank you so much! (the bat stickers are for pikachuashnat!)

I also got to open my very first sealed Zukan! =O (I have two others [Drowzee/Hypno & Mewtwo] but I still have them sealed in their plastic ^^;)

I got Anorith&Armaldo! (I cannot believe how *tiny* the claw fossil is XD) They aren't my fav...but They are really cute ;>> I think I may be developing a soft spot for them....

As the Zukan above, below is my early b-day gift from gamecubegirl...A GALLADE DX FIGURE O_O! He. Is. SO. COOL! (does anyone know if, like the kid figures, the DX figures come with a sticker?)

Next to Gallade is my new favorite Hypno card....(she helped me win it ^^) It is by far the cutest Hypno card I have ^___^


An updated picture of my Gallade Collection!!! I love him SO much *_* I (also) cannot wait till his plush!
I know I am missing is...tomy? figure and the Chou Getto ;_; If anyone has those for sale...FIND ME! xD

Sales and Wanted List
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