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Reintro/Collection Post + Website!

Alright, I've been meaning to get around to this, and now that I've received a ton of stuff from SMJ, I can finally make a reintroduction plus a collection post! XD

My brother, cardwhale introduced me to this site a while ago, and after lurking, I decided to join. Growlithe and Arcanine (but mostly Growlithe) are my absolute favorite pokemon and have been ever since I first watched the show. c: Unfortunately, they don't have that many plushes (I typically only collect plushes, since I'm not really into figures or flats), but I'm content with that they have. My next favorite pokemon unfortunately is Piplup!

Of course, my next favorite pokemon just had to be a starter and had to be out of its pokeball all the time like Pikachu... resulting in 80+ different plushes. But hey! I guess it ends up balancing out the lack of Growlithe and Arcanine plushes.

I absolutely love Meguroko from Gen V so I do plan on collecting the guy!

Other collections that aren't plushes are Pokemon Tales books (English versions) and Pokemon locks. :D

So after a couple of months of being part of the community... here's what my collection looks like before all my items I received today:

And here are some closeups of each part! :D

My beautiful Growltihe custom and beautiful Growlithe+Piplup paintings! :D

One of my non-plush collections.. Pokemon Tales! I don't have a place to keep my locks on my little grid shelf thing, but I do love them. I'm going to have to find some way to display them... My favorite lock though, has to be this guy:

Squirtle Squad! <3

That was my collection without my recent gets. So.. what did I get recently?

Meguroko Pokemon Center plush! <3 He's so soft and so adorable. ;_;

Okay, puppets really aren't high priority to me. Those are probably the lowest priorities out of all the plushes I want of Piplup, except this one is special. Why you may ask?

He changes into Ditto! I've been after this puppet for a long, long time, and the only time I could find them was off of eBay, and I wasn't sure they were legitimate since they literally put them up for auction almost every week. I was just about to just buy the ones up on eBay but then I found this on Y!J. :D He is way bigger than I thought he'd be and his face is kinda messed up, but I'm still quite excited!

DX UFO Piplup, Holiday Piplup and Holiday Piplup puppet. I didn't think I'd ever find the Holiday Piplup in the middle but I found him luckily on Y!J. c: Again, the Piplup holiday puppet.. not too fond of puppets but he was really cute!


DX Shiny Christmas UFO Piplup I won from a GA that I held recently! :D Mini Pokedoll Piplup (nonfuzzy) that I received from ewokie a while ago<3 And the fuzzy Mini Pokedoll I just got from entirelycliched ! <3 FINALLY, I got an American Piplup Pokedoll from a GA held by ambertdd . Thanks so much! ;o;


Piplup fuzzy backpack! He's waaay bigger than what I thought he'd be. Now I just need to find the non-fuzzy version! The two in the middle are some sort of Pokemon Center plushes. I'm not exactly sure what they are. The one on the left is made of shiny material and the one on the right is made of fleece. If anyone could identify what kind of plushes they are (maybe special promotions?) I'd be grateful! The shiny PC plush I received was from a GA which ewokie shipped. She included as a little gift the winking change-to-pokeball plush! ;o; THANK YOU SO MUCH BBY<3

So after I received all my new plushes, my brother came over, and he decided to have fun arranging my plush area to hold all of my new plushes. And now.. my collection looks like this:

Whew, there's my collection in a nutshell. I won't be making collection posts quite often, because I recently opened up my own website! :D

My entire collection and its individual items can be seen up close there including the stuff that I didn't show off here like the rest of my locks and my Pokemon Tales books. My wants list will also be there as well. If you want to trade links, feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to link you on my page! :D
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