kamikaze87 (kamikaze87) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Want list

its my frist time to make a want list, if you have any of this items contact me ^^ i would love to buy them or make nice trades (i have some nice zukans to trade including mightyena line, absol, manectric line, johto starters and many others zukans).

Pokémon Center Green Sharp Pen Absol
Pokémon Center 2003

Pokémon Center Strap Mascot, Antenna Mascot Absol & Pikachu
Pokémon Center 2003

Absol Figure Keychain
Tomy 2004

Wishing Star of Seven Nights Absol DX Movie Version UFO Catcher Plush
Banpresto 2003

Ichiban-Kuji Second Place Wishing Star of Seven Nights Absol Plush
Banpresto 2003

Glaceon amada sticker

Any other Houndoom amada sticker and vs cards i don't have (different poses) you can see them in my journal

thanks for looking ^^
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