larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

auction and sales notice

i have received several requests for my second mew "man-mew" stylus to be put up for auction, and since it seems to be an important piece of the mew collection puzzle for many of you, i have decided to let it go! i'm gonna start bids from $75, and all bid increments are $5. auction ends Wednesday 17 Nov, 12PM PDT.

also, i've added several zukans (heatran, zoroark, gallade, blissey, ambipom) as well as poochyena and duskull keychains. in addition, i've decided to put my shaymin clear kid and wailord tomy for auction, with bids starting from $5 and $8 respectively. finally, i've done further price reductions for items all around (some of the lots are going for really special prices, and an assortment of MIB kids are going for $4 now), so do check them out!

(proceed to larvitarscar's shop here!)

thanks for reading!
Tags: ambipom, blissey, duskull, gallade, heatran, mew, poochyena, shaymin, wailord, zoroark
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