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Tis first Collection Update!

Hey guyz! I'm happy to announce that after much procrastination , I have finally gotten around to taking pictures of my new stuffs!
Oh how I love them so! Also, a slight mini-grail - I call it that because it wasn't expensive, but its something I have been drooling over since I saw it.
I also went closet diving and found some more old goodies!

Lets start off with an overall collection shot:

Yeah, not too impressive. This is where I keep my pokemon stuff (besides my Tomys, I have no idea where to put them). That venomoth back in the corner was part of an art trade with foureyedalien a few years ago. Yep, there is a lot of random stuff in there. Havn't gotten around to making this shelf look presentable yet. xD

The new guys! Latios pokedoll (my first one!) Kids, and clipping figure! I absolutely love every single one of them. *_* Another thank you to the people who sent them to me!

Heres my mini-grail in all his shiny glory, and the first of my Scizor collection! He was so much smaller then I expected (hes about 2 inches tall), but so detailed and well made! I took a picture of him on my window sill to show how neat his translucent wings are. So awesome.  Going to try to get some more clipping figures one of these days.

Now, for the fruits of my closet diving -

The Mighty Beanz Jigglypuff, Grovyle, Crawdaunt (my fav), Groudon and Torchic! I forgot how fun these guys are to play with! I remember buying these at a Target and trying to open them up, thinking they had tiny little figures inside. lol
The two shiny tokens on the bottom are from the Desert Storm trading card pack - Treeko is a little scuffed, but I was so happy when I found them! Also, old and beat up Arcticuno cardboard coin from a toy pack I got years ago. And an Evee Macaroni & Cheese cutout. xD

An old Arcticuno thinger that I think once made noise - I believe I bought it from a garage sale a long time ago and it didn't work then either.
Also, a few missing figures to my small Tomy collection, Quilava and Kadabra! Kadabra is horribly dirty because I found him on the bus floor when I was a child and haven't cleaned him since. Going to do that shortly. :B

But, his wings still flap when you push the little button on the bottom! Just imagine that your hearing him screech.

...And this old jewel. I never even had Stadium, I just wanted the magazine so I could oggle all the cool pokemon pictures.
Here, lets have a peak at whats inside -

Some of the artwork in this book is surprisingly good!

A random mound of pokemon. Wait, what is that..?

...This has got to be the most epic Crobat picture I have ever seen. Look at those TEETH!

Theres a lot more of cool 3-Dish artwork in the book, but I don't want to spam this post too much. ;P

Now for some random pics-

I think these too are related - the pose is exactly the same. Disregard creepy owl, lol.

Translucent Attack Kid Salamence, Topaz. <3 He was what got me addicted to Kid figures and  was also the first thing I received from this community, so I think he gets some honorary pics!

The huge, random rock in my backyard. See that little blue thing in the middle? Thats Topaz!

A picture of Cinnamon, the cat who was in my introduction post. Here she is sleeping amongst the plush mountain in my moon chair, RIGHT where I was going to put my Latios pokedoll. The booger.

I hope you enjoyed my stuffs! :D
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