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Baby, I'm bad news.

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So... cute.... o__o

Isn't he just adorable and tiny? I absolutely love his little >:[ face. XD

They are so round and fat, I love it!! <3

Two packages came for me today! I was so ecstatic to receive my Elebuzz bell plush, but completely taken by surprise to find that I had another package, too!

The Luxray from denkimouse's contest! 8DDD

This scared me when I received it, if you can read the stamp next to the adorable Luxray sketch Gin drew. D: "Damaged due to ripped open package". The entire package was torn in half and taped back together... Before opening it I was scared to find out if the plushie was damaged, but thankfully nothing happened to her. ;__;

AHHH, just look at her, SO ADORABLE. ♥_____♥
and I totally love the little bow, too!

She is beautiful, and I will treasure her forever. ♥♥♥
Thank you so much, Gin!! :DDD

Will be posting a biiiiiig collection update tomorrow, I hope. :3
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