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Sales plug and a collection update. :3

Hey guys! I’ve had to down size my collection by quite a bit thanks to a moving situation, but rather than have these guys sit around in a storage place with never knowing when they’re see daylight again, I figure they’d better off with someone else. :3

Oh and I have an Eevee walky bad and Coin Purse as well as a Shiny Piplup Kids’ Figure up for offers on my sales post as well. <3~

Sales link: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/3360559.html

So I’ve been sitting on a collection post for months now, but I just am always waiting on more stuff to come. xD

Well I got a good amount to go with now, so here is a long overdue update. :D

Meet Taku, my shiny Entei. :D

When these shiny beast were released over the summer I pretty much gave up hope that I would ever get one. I am not very competitive nor did I want to keep bidding just to be dissappointed so I stayed away. Well one of my usual “Pokemon Center” searches turned up this guy with no bids so I figure what the hey. And I won this little dude for his starting bid. :3

Happy was I! But non shiny Entei isn’t too thrilled about his new colorful twin.

At some point I need to photograph all of this stuff together, but anyways,

Back in 2002, Pokemon Center ran a promo called Game Corner. It featured Marill and if I am not mistaken from the searching I have done for this promo, this was the time that the velboa Marill pokedoll was released. It would explain why the Marill pokedoll was ridiculously rare. Not to mention from my own doll and another member’s doll, their tags do say 2002, so maybe?

But so far I have gotten a few things from this promo, beside the two pins you see about, there is a cloth and a plastic bag.

I have this on the way to me too. Which I believe is a dice bag?

I also accidently-ed a Kyogre. A tomy one to be exact!

This a really nice plush. I am not the biggest fan of Kyogre, which is crazy because I am such an orca-nerd. But for some odd reason I was never a fan of him, however I love this plush. Every other Kyogre plush I’ve seen has his white “fingers” together while this one have them separate.

And Lastly, how the hell did I end up for these Pika’s? O.O Oh that’s right I have a weakness for the Pika’s wearing things. And yes big Pika wearing Marill hat does count. :o (The beanie on top the the Pokecen one is the Hasbro beanie, and is the first pokemon thing I ever bought. ^_^ He’s pretty old and definatly looks his age. His tail came apart and so now he pretty much has two.)

Also Hula Pikachu = cutest thing in a hula skirt ever...
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