rose jail maiden (nekusagi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
rose jail maiden

New Japan Post USA shipping rules

This was posted over in egl  so I thought I'd post this to the comm because it's certainly relevant to Pokemon collectors.

After November 17th, Japan Post will no longer ship packages larger than 16 oz to the US until further notice, due to new security measures put into place following the attempted terrorist cargo bombings. Here's a link to the Japan Post website article, and a list of services affected from the egl  post:

航空通常郵便物 (normal Air Mail)
航空小包郵便物 (Air Mail parcel)
SAL通常郵便物 (SAL normal mail)
SAL小包郵便物 (SAL parcel)
国際スピード郵便物 (EMS)

Basically you can't have anything you order from Japan be over 16 oz when shipped. Obviously this won't affect collectors of smaller stuff like individual items, but it could adversely affect group auctions and buys and larger stuff like 1/1 plush unless a Canadian/Mexican middleman can be found to ship to.

Hopefully, the rules won't last too long/Japan Post will change their mind, but I thought I'd throw this out so necessary steps/precautions can be taken so we all get the stuff we want!

Mods, please delete this if it's not allowed.
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