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Finally!!! First Eeveelutions Collection Post!

So a package from Yahoo! Japan came in the mail today! OMG! After a month or so of bidding on eeveelutions items, I finally have them! Mwahhhhhaa ha ha ha!!! ^ . ^

Sorry about the crappy pics from a camera phone :(  I really need to get a digital camera lol

From Left to Right: Flareon Tomy, Flareon Kid, Flareon Clear Kid, Flareon Attack Kid, Jolteon Clear Kid

Close Up of the Jolteon Clear Kid :)

Left to Right: New Umbreon Kid, Old Umbreon Kid, Umbreon Tomy (old?)

Left to Right: Espeon Attack Kid, Espeon Kid (old), New Espeon Kid (I thought they deserved a pillar lol)

Left to Right: Umbreon Pencil Topper, Espeon Chou Gett, Umbreon Chou Gett, Espeon Pencil Topper

Close Up :)

Umbreon Pencil Topper Close Up

Espeon Pencil Topper Close Up :)

In Background: Espeon Tomy (hiding) lol, Glaceon bootleg, Glaceon Chou Gett

Up Close: Glaceon Attack Kid (Thanks to larvitarscar ^.^)

Leafeon Palace Figure!! Thanks to Usakochan! :)

Glaceon Palace Figure!! Thanks to happyjolteon! :)

Glaceon and Leafeon Chou Gett!!! :)

Eevee sneaks onto the battle stage!!! lol (Didn't know where else to put her ^ - ^)
Left to Right: Leafeon Battle Mountain Stage Figure- thanks to nanoplasm :)
Leafeon bootleg, and Leafeon Attack Kid

Close Ups: Leafeon Attack Kid and Leafeon Kid

(Had to move two figures because they were blocking the others in the pic lol)

Left to Right: Vaporeon Kid, Vaporeon Clear Kid, and Vaporeon Attack Kid

Close Ups: Original Vaporeon Tomy, Re-Release Vaopreon Tomy

Small Collection, but spent lots o' money on these guys and every penny was worth it! :)
Can't wait to expand! ^ - ^

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