majoradrakken (majoradrakken) wrote in pkmncollectors,

:3 hello~

Hello all! I'm new, kinda. I've been a stalker for a while, and decided to join finally! Thank you for letting me in :3. Me and my boyfriend collect pokemon things, our collection is very small at the moment though, but it's growing! He collects sneasels and zangooses (zangeese?) and others, whilst I collect quilava, palkia/dialgia, and others. I've always loved the merch. I'm also trying to sell some cards, they need a good home now. It isn't much, but like I said, it's growing~.

(A whole bunch of tiny figures, our collection's b een updated since then, we now have a sneasle plush and a weavile, palkia and golem jakk's pacific figure set.) I know it isn't much ^^; And these are the cards for sale. Right now, it's only holos and reverse holos, but I do have more available (commons, uncommons, and rares). There are LOTS of pictures, so be warned!
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