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Sales update and... My first GA!!

 Hey guys!  I've got a few exciting things to post about...

Firstly, I'd like to address my updated sales post.  There are lots of figures, including an in-box Entei TOMY, Ninetails kid, and Piplup foam block.  There's also a Zoroark Pokemon Center cup and Torchic plush!  And no one has offered anything on this binder yet:

My very first GA:

When I stumbled upon this, I knew that Magikarp would have to be mine.....

I will be claiming Magikarp at $18 and willing to go a little higher.
Follow all community rules (no sniping, no retracting bids, etc.).  If sniping occurs for an item, auction will continue for that item until bids stop for 15 minutes.  Those who retract bids will receive negative feedback.
Bid increments by at least $1.
Two payments - Items+shipping from seller to me and then shipping from me to you.
Payment is required IMMEDIATELY if GA is won.

Auction ends on November 23rd, 11:30 pm EST.  Click for the counter!

All plushies and cup start at $5, figures start at $2.  Please wait for threads to be up!  Happy bidding!

If something seems off about this post or I haven't addressed something, please don't hesitate to call me out on it since this is my very first GA. ^_^;

That's all! Expect another post about that Vulpix sculpture soon... The poor thing got no bids and I would like to gauge interest in her in another post since this one is super crowded right now. XD
Tags: group auction, sales
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