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Dialga and Dragons collection update!

I've just completed an update to my collection site, Dialga FTW, that's been in progress for a while, and wanted to announce it here! The site now includes over 600 unique official Dialga items! ^_^

Click the banner to go visit!

Dialga FTW Banner
You may need to hard refresh (Ctrl + R) if you get an old version of the page when visiting.

Here are some highlights of the update!

I have 4 different versions of the Dialga Pokedoll now! \o/ I find it interesting that you can tell the make and release of a Pokedoll from the tush tag. From my collection site, these are (from left to right):

  • The original version. I removed the hang tag from mine, but the tush tag says Pokemon USA, Inc.

  • 2009 Nintendo World version. The tush tag says The Pokemon Company, International.

  • The Japanese version, which I don't think has changed. The tush tag says something in Japanese about the Pokemon Company.

  • The newest version, obtained from the vending kiosks in Seattle. The tush tag says The Pokemon Company, International, but also states the location of the office in Bellevue, WA.

    I thought at first that the Seattle version was a different fabric, but it actually seems to be the same as the Japanese one and the Nintendo World one, and may be the same as my original one, but I can't really tell since it's so loved.

    All four together with their DX brother. Oh super DX doll, where are you? T_T

    I got the new Triumphant mini-binder from eBay! Now I have 2 Dialga mini-binders and one big one, all different designs. I really love the art on these.

    Dialga Pokemon Center Candy Jar

    A beautiful candy jar that is much bigger than I expected! I actually got two of these at once, but have never seen any others. I would trade the extra for some Dialga things I don't have ;)

    Dialga Diamonds Drawstring Bag

    What can I say, I love things where Dialga appears with diamonds! This lovely bag is from snowball21. ^_^

    Pokemon Dialga Candy Container Figures

    blazikenbabe kindly picked up the newer version of the European candy container figure for me! He has some pretty impressive derps, though. I wonder if they're all like that. ^_^;

    With the addition of this figure, I now know of only 2 Dialga figures I'm after: the US remote control car, and the clear normal pose Chou Get. I would pay quite well for either of these!

    Pokemon Adamant Orb Settei

    Settei of Dialga's signature item, the Adamant Orb! I was probably more excited about this one than I should have been, but hey, it's probably the closest I will get to an official Adamant Orb item!

    Pokemon Dialga Bandages

    My bandage collection (lol?) jumped from 1 to 3! The middle one is an awesome find by snowball21, and the bottom one was sent to me by blazikenbabe! I wonder how many more there are...

    And a couple custom items!

    Caffwin Chibi Dialga Sculpture

    caffwin and I worked together quite a bit on this one, and I'm very pleased with how he came out! I especially love his legs and feet <3

    Custom Painted Dialga Kids Figure

    I finally have a shiny Dialga kid! *shakes fist at Bandai* This one was painted for me by fernchu, thank you so much!

    My poor neglected Jolteon page got an update of a rare item, the settei!

    Pokemon Jolteon Settei

    This was in the same lot as the Adamant Orb settei, so with those two together, how could I pass it up? I need to get to selling my leftover settei sometime soon, though...

    Also, my dragon page has been updated with BW Pokemon!

    Currently my Zekrom and Reshiram sections look like this:
    Pokemon Collection (3 items) Zekrom
    But in a year or two I expect they'll look more like this:
    Pokemon Collection Giratina

    I'm not trying to get all or even most items of these two, but I'll probably pick up cool items when I see them cheap or in lots.

    I have a tiny Monozu collection started now!
    Pokemon Monozu plush and sculpture

    The sculpture is by caffwin and the plush is by vepsmin! I am anxiously awaiting some official merch for these guys, I might go for all plush, figures, and stamps of all 3 of them!

    My next goals for the site are:
    * Keep the Dialga things updated as they come in (as always)
    * Fix that poor out of date Jolteon page
    * Redo many of the images so that pages don't take so long to load
    * Keep the dragon page up to date and get better pictures for the ones that're hard to see

    I am also working on updating my shop! I hope to have it up and fully restocked within the next few weeks. ^_^;

    My Deoxys and Kyogre shiny promo TCG did not get any bids, so I would sell either for $20 if anyone's interested! yaoi_queen, did you ever find that card for the trade? ;)

    Thanks for looking!

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