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Collection Update

So I got most packages that I was expecting ( all ones I was expecting to get for sure) and I got some things in person so I thought now would be a good time for a collection update!:

First off I have the stuff I got online:

Some of the new Pokemon Center stuff that was made for chistmas and two bento erasers I thought were pretty cute.

I also bought a pack of cards from the new "Triumphant" set, this was what I got:

Nothing really special but oh well.

And yesterday I went to my very first anime convention:Anime USA! This con was located in Crystal City,VA if you where wondering. I was hoping for some rare pokemon stuff, and did not find that much with pokemon. I saw some cosplayers, and a few artist alley booths and dealer's den had some items. But all they had were recent UFOs, and the prices were not that fair. But one booth had some older kids so I got a polywhirl and a clear one, but unfortunately by the time I got home the regular one was lost.;_;

One seller had a bunch of custom made gym badges and pokeball buttons, I got a premier ball since that is my fav. The booth had two sellers, a guy and a girl and the girl had a leafeon canvas as mascot sort of thing. I didn't ask but I wonder if she was a member of the community. o_o

I found some pretty neat stuff that wasn't Pokemon related though, this is a group pic of all the non flat type items I got if you are interested (that made it home anyway =():

So that is all the stuff I have to include in this update!

But before I end this post, can anyone please sell me a replacement of the non-clear polywhirl kid? I would like to complete the set again:

Please help.;_; I'm quite upset about loosing it.
Tags: gen5, leafeon, pikachu, poliwhirl
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