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Spooky Collection Update!

It's been a fairly long time since I posted a collection update here, let alone something that wasn't Mijumaru. However, as soon as I saw Hitomoshi and his line, it was 'collection love at first sight' if you know what I mean. ;D

Here is the beginning of my collection, and I thought it would be best to take a picture now even I have a ton of more spooky candles coming in the mail very soon. 8C

First up is my absolute favorite plush, Quill. He was made by the super awesome and super sweet Usako! <3 He's huge and absolutely perfect~ My favorite thing about him has to be his flame. When I first got him, I literally jumped up and down with the package, a first for me. Anyone else ever do that? 8D

Here is my other custom plush made by another super cool crafter, foureyedalien. His name is bookworm, as he is so squishy! I like messing with his flame! He was gift outta nowhere that made my day really bright when I got him. Look at that smile! :')

This custom pillow was a spontaneous project I made for myself. He's made of velboa and minky, and Quill sits on his face. <3

Super super gorgeous Shandera bell plush made by flag! This completely surprised me, and I was really touched to have received this. Their bell plushes are better then the real deal, and they have always been one of my favorite customs. I'm in the middle of working on somethings Washibon in return, though I keep finding myself caught up looking in this. ;u;

This was a copic commission from jirachi_chan6  got a hold of the images and made me three desserts with the entire Spooky Light line as a surprise after hearing me do nothing but flip over them. ;u; They were my frist customs ever of those lines, and are so precious to me! And the one on the end was a trade for a vampire Hitomoshi, he's too cute. ;D

Here you can catch a glimpse of FANTASTIC painting by zenity, as well as another close friend whose sculptures rock my world, foureyedalien. They were also made the day they were released after she saw me flipping out, and the little flat Shandera in the corner is part of a pendant I wore all Halloween made by her as well. ;u;

A better shot of my little baby light army made by foureyedalien! They always roam in a group, and I'm surprised she was able to make them the same size! 8D

Extra customs of these guys! I have a bead sprite by denouement00, a gift art piece made by flag, a homemade stamp by zannid, and some extra doodle by keshimeg! :D I think flats add to collection, and these guys totally make my day! <3

A group shot of all my tiny charms of this line! ;A;

These ones were made by hazuza who knows how to add character to her charms! While they were cheap, they were super high quality! :D

If you know me, you know one of my favorite artist to commission isreilaa! She always pops out gorgeous and adorable customs, and I was so excited to have gotten these from her! Just look at dem eyes~ ;u;

More super fantastic customs by wishuponjirachi but these ones were so special to me that they had to have their own picture. These bottles are about an inch big, with itty bitty candles in them! They are the cutest things ever, and there is even tiny purple glitter in the smaller one - who also dangles like a real ghost. Thank you for the gifts, Ais! ;A;

Anyway, thank you so much checking out my spooky collection! I Next time I will have new ink for my printer to print out the lovely gift arts I got of him in my last collection post! ;u; Also, here is a few items that will be a teaser to the next mountain of customs I am going to show off as soon as they arrive:

I'm always looking for more customs of this line, so if you have something to offer be my guest! :'D

In other news, I also sent out a large portion of my sales items and custom pillows yesterday, except for a few due to lack of addresses, waited payments, and the zukans need better boxs. Sorry for the delay, but I just want to make sure those fragile guys are shipped safe and sound! :'D

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