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Collection update of the cute kind?

Boring part of the post intro is boring, cause I don't have anything to say here...

Um, collection update? I did mention I'm doing one a few days ago... All cute new gets :D

The usual low quality images ahead, yada yada yada, cause I don't have a digital camera of my own yet...

First up is the Suicune Pokedoll from the kiosk at the US, kiosk pick up run by blackfruitbat. Its head is a little on the heavy side it seems and if you don't stand it properly, it will end up faceplanting XD; It's happened a few times already >.>

Flareon Pokedoll from the Kiosk at the US, kiosk pick up run by blackfruitbat. It's so awesomely cute <3 This is the first of the Eeveevolution Pokedolls in my collection, I'm planning on getting them all. No preference towards Velbola or Minky, as long as it has a cute little tag XD;

Shaymin Sky Forme (Skymin) which I bought from araragi_san. It's a Japanese Pokedoll. It's oh so cute too <3

Umbreon Canvas Plush which I bought from entirelycliched. I decided to get Umbreon first since it's my favourite Eeveevolution. I'm planning on getting all the Eeveevolution Canvas Plush too, but they're a bit on the costly side, due to their popularity and stuff, so I'm going slow on this. Do not want to end up with no money for Gen 5 merchandise. Need more Reshiram and Mijumaru/Futachimaru/Daikenki stuff in my life, especially plushes since those are my love ^_^

Banpresto Laying Pikachu. It looked cute so why not 8D I won this in a Group Auction hosted by ewokie and peeche00, but I'm stuck as to how to ask for and give feedback >.>

A shot of the hanging tags that came with Suicune Pokedoll, Flareon Pokedoll, Skymin Pokedoll and Umbreon Canvas.

(Click on image for full view)
This is the current set up of my plushes. Yes, they're all on my bed. I don't have a lot of space since I don't have my own room (I have to share :( ), and my shelves are all occupied by random figures, books, manga, etc >.> I just know one day my bed is going to get taken over by Pokemon plushes and I'll have nowhere to sleep XD; The set up will most likely change once Daikenki PokeCen plush is released and it arrives at my doorstep, will probably change again when a couple of Banpresto Reshiram plushes are released (one at end Nov and one sometime in Dec) and arrive.

(Click on image for full view)
I don't believe I've shown this before, but these are the regular size Tomy MC that I have, and these are on my computer table XD; Pokemon figures (and PPP!Kratos and PPP!Yuri) dominate my computer desk while Pokemon plushes dominate my bed...

Until next time! Which will be when the Mijumaru Pokedoll arrive at my doorstep (I've already ordered it ^___^)

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