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looking for puppies and giraffes!!!

Hey everyone!!! I actually, very recently, got a VERY IMPORTANT ITEM. But I will update with that in a few weeks...the real reason I'm posting is because I'm looking for more Girafarig, Growlithe and Arcanine items!!! I'm interested in everything, from flats to plushs. (I'm also very interested in getting a custom of Girafarig!)

At the moment, I'm really wanting this Arcanine figure (not my image)

and I'm also really interested in buying Growlithe and Arcanine kids.

And if ANYONE is willing to part with and sell their Growlithe/Arcanine zukan, I would pay...a lot...

For Girafarig, I'm just looking for any random figures but especially a Girafarig zukan.

Let me know!!!

Have a great day! :)
Tags: arcanine, girafarig, growlithe

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