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Auction for custom Mareep plush + cube plush sales

Hey guys! Do any of you remember this in-progress picture I showed at the end of one of my posts a while back?

It was probably so long ago that most people would answer "no", but I finally finished her!

It was a long and frustrating journey, but I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. :)

I am listing her for auction, so if you guys are interested, come have a look at the rules, closeups, and more info behind the cut~

Her face, ears, tail and limbs are made from smooth minky and her body is made of cloud minky! I used plastic safety eyes and polyester  stuffing. She is 6" tall and approximately 9" wide, and super soft and cuddly. :)

Here are some closeups and other angle shots:

So now, onto the Auction Rules!

• Bidding starts at $50, and the final bid does not count shipping and paypal fees.
• I ship from Canada, and shipping to the US will be $7 and $9 overseas~
• This auction will end on Wednesday, Nov. 24th, 2010 at 10:00pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). You may check what time it is in PST time here:
• No sniping, please! If a bid is placed within the last half hour of the auction, the auction will be extended by 12 hours.
• Please reply to the previous bidder when you are outbidding; bids that are not placed in response to the appropriate person will not be counted (the person will not know they are being outbid, otherwise).
• Any other questions, please ask. :)

The bidding for this plush will be in my journal, so click the big picture of Mareep under the cut, or this link to be teleported. :)

These two following cube plush are also up for auction/BIN:

Voltorb Cube Plush! About 5" in height, made from felt, sewing and details embroidered by hand, stuffed with polyester. 

Magnemite Cube Plush! 7" in height including the screw on his head, entirely hand sewn and embroidered, stuffed with polyester.

Not sure who caught on, but I decided to play around with shapes and turned two random spherical pokes into cubes. :D

Both of these cube plush start at $35, or you can BIN @ $50.

I hope I am not annoying any of you with a second auction right after the one I did last week, but hopefully there will be a lot more interest in these plush than the previous one I had for auction. XD

Aaaand that's it! 
Happy bidding everyone, I hope these plush will go to wonderful homes. :)
Tags: custom, mareep
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