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charm commissions

Finally mailed out the last of last month's commissions... So I figured it was time for the next round :P

Flat charms to decorate your DS, cellphone, pokewalker, or whatever! They're made with shrinkydinks, so come to you on 1/8in. matte plastic with a random phonestrap.

-Paypal ONLY
-Existing designs cost $2 ea. (see here for all existing designs) If someone orders something before you, that also counts as an existing design. Recolors count too.
-Custom designs are $3, or $5 for original characters** Each reprint will be $2. (so, If you want 3 of your original character, it'd be 5+2+2 = $9)
-Shipping on each order will be $1 anywhere c:
-I want payment within a day or two of me giving you your total and my paypal address. If you can't pay right away, please don't place an order.

Other info:

-I can also do non-pokemon characters. I don't have much faith in my skills at making humans, but I can try!
-Last month, it took almost a month to get everything finished and mailed out, so that's probably the max wait time you'll be looking at, if you're one of the last orders.
-If you want a Gen5 pokemon, please leave me a picture as a reference! I haven't near gotten all their names down yet. :c
-I'm looking for bulk Gen3-5 TCG, if you're willing to go cheaper than 20 cents per card... Just tell me your offer~
-Other than that, I'm not doing any other trades, sorry :c

**Original characters include gijinka, OC trainers, real people, some customized pokemon, etc. Mostly things that would be harder to recognized and sell to others. If you don't want me to reprint your design for anyone else, that also counts. If you're not sure if what you want will be considered an OC or not, just ask.

Why so cheap? Well, these are done pretty quickly and in a simple style, and they'll be available for other people... I don't feel like mine are worth much compared to others I've seen on the comm ^-^;

To make things simple, here's an order form:
Reference: (if Gen5, or non-pokemon)
Other notes: (quantity, pose, etc)
Do you want to see the design before I print/send it?:

I'm not sure how many I'll be willing to take, so I'll just have this as a list, and I'll stop taking them when I feel I have too many *-*


EDIT2: Nov.29- Spreadsheet has been updated (since I'd forgot to for a while ^-^'') I'm still taking orders, and anything by the 11th I can most likely get there by Christmas c:

If you want to leave feedback, here's my page. o3o
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