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Big Collection Update & Vacation Pics!

So for the past 5 days, I've been in New York! I got some really cool stuff while I was there!
I also used my birthday money to buy lots of stuff, so when I came home last night, I had a mini-Christmas. xD Anyway, the update! (Very image heavy!)

On the plane:

Mink: I'm going home! Finally!

Mink: And I'm not alone! Joshua is going home to NY too!

At the hotel...

Mink: That was such a long flight...I couldn't sleep in that bag at all.
Me: You had a nice cushioned bag...I was in the chair with no pillow!

My journey was long and harsh, but at last with horribly sore feet, I made it to the fabled Nintendo World! Sadly, the picture of Mink returning home is on my mom's camera. But you'll see it in a later post!

My bag after visiting NW:

Later at Serendipity 3:

The menus were huge!

Don't mess with Brooklyn Wotter and Smugleaf.

The cute starter statue at Toys R Us!

Now on to all the stuff I bought! I didn't take pictures of anything until I got home. >_>

Thanks so much to whoever suggested I go to Kinokuniya! I couldn't believe they had Pokemon Pia with the Pikachu earbuds! (Which are surprisingly great with sound.)

I also got another magazine with what I think is a voice timer. o.o (It says Pika Pika then beeps for a while.)

My NW haul :D

Skittles(Raikou) Mango(Jigglypuff) and Peaches(Pichu) They're so cute. :D Sadly, they were out of Suicune. ; A; I wanted to name him Razzles. They restocked...but I got there like exactly when they closed.

Haven't played it yet...But I'm going to start right after this post. XD

So cute. >w< I'm going to wear it tomorrow.

More 'mins for my collection~

I got some Tomys and then some other figures from TRU :D

My Shinx collection is getting slowly bigger. :D I got a Jakks Shinx and the Tomy.

I think I'm going to keep this one in the package.

I looked for a legit Jakks Shinx with tags for the longest time. x_x But he's finally mine! :D He's the first item I ever won in an ebay auction, I'm so proud of myself.

Someone had this poster in their post with the magazine it came in, so I went and bought one too! It's so cute, I'm going to frame it and everything. >w<

My new and improved Mijumaru shelf. :D The best surprise in the world was that the Christmas Mijumaru jingles! I LOVE jingle noises more than anything. xD Thank you Gin for picking it up for me! It was my first SunyShore order! I also have to thank my grandma, she bought it for me as an early x-mas gift.
I also got a big Tsutarja too.

I also got the new McDonald's calander. :D (I'm just putting up pictures I like until 2011.)

So that's it for this post. xD I had so much fun, but I'm glad to be back. :D

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