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Colletion Update and Commissions Round Six

It's been ages since I've done a collection update of sorts =^^;;= But I just couldn't wait to show of my new cutiepies.

Why they're the new gen 5 candles! Yes, I made them and at a very quick rate because I love them so much <3~ I want to start collecting the gen five candles if they get some merchandise on top of my collections [as if I needed another collection lol] If anyone knows about any official merchandise for these guys, please let me know! =^^=

I also have the badges from the very talented Cyril Belen of Belen Lazer Designs! My goodness look at how they sparkle and shine! They're so lovely and I can't wait till the johto set is made =>w<= I recently took them to Anime USA as my cosplay was a trainer, [just me dressed up in regular clothes carrying around hitomoshi and ranpuraa XD;; ] As you can see, they are pinned to my scarf, but they didn't come with pins =^^;= Yeah, I attached pin backs to them, so yeahhh, now they can go everywhere with me if I want! =0v0=

That's all I have for a collection update since my stuff is still sitting in smj storage...for like...months =;v;= So I'll collection update when I get said box.

Now, onto business: I know many of you are new to this community, so some of you know me, and some of you do not. My name is Kassia9, and I do crochet custom plushes. All info about these customs are under the cut.

Since I've done slots several times now, I've made a website for the terms, examples, and updates. This website is here: SPW Customs

Everyone can read my terms, conditions and just how I go about doing customs here: Terms and Conditions

If anyone would like examples, they are here: Gallery

So you've read and looked now, and decided you either want a quote or a slot, have at it because I'm opening eight slots this time!

Round 6 Slots
1. meowllz - altaria - complete: shipped
2. buttribbons - flaffy - complete: shipped
3. jadekitty777 - lileep - complete: shipped
4. nightmare_chan2 - hitomoshi - complete: shipped
5. nightmare_chan2 - monozu - complete: shipped
6. darkangelilith - shiny bachuru - complete: shipped
7. koujakai - shadow lugia - cancelled
8. buttribbons - shiny shinx - complete: shipped

Art Trade
1. foureyedalien - magcargo - complete: shipped

*Notes: broken_chan and whitewolflarka your plushes were finished and mailed today! If you'd like to see images, check the website above.
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