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I made a run to the PO today and got a bunch of packages shipped out. I wasn't able to get all of them out though, so tyltalis, chibi_flare, jeansama, flag, and celebiii your packages are still with me due to most of them being decent sized boxes.

Now then I feel like I should do a reintroduction post since that seems to be the current trend for older members here lately. XD

I have a pretty much complete Giratina plush collection. The only things I'm missing are the plush inside a ball which is the same as a UFO catcher I have, a plush battle cube, and a couple years of pokedolls. The UFO catchers are all hanging from the ceiling in favor of space saving.

Missing only a few retsuden stampers~ I have one more on the way meaning I only have two left to find. 8D

Figuressssss~ I almost always have more on the way. c:

More stuff

Theater merch and other flat items that I can't display anywhere else. That gap is for when I eventually find the Movie 11 Keychain set B.

All my fatty fat giant Giratina items that I have no space for anywhere else.

Ghosts finally got reorganized and I have a little bit of space for gen 5, not too much though. I need to fix that. 8|

Regiiiiis I love the regis. So much. 8|

Now that you're all refreshed on what I collect and what I have (more or less) I am searching for some things. I've recently decided to collect Halloween merchandise from all the various promotions that Pokecen has had. I've also added a ton of stuff to my Giratina wishlist. 8'D Mostly looking for high priority items but if you've got something let me know~
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