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Multi talented post!

First to start things off! A collection update!!
 MY VTRAINER COLLECTION!!! i love them all so much! i just recieved torchic, treecko, and pikachu today from shiny_vulpix !! yaaaay! thank you so much for your help on this collection! (if you have the houndoom vtrainer to sell, i would loooove you!! id would pay, trade, beg whatever! i just want that houndoom soooo badly ><')

its small and pitiful right now, but itll grow over time :D nanoplasm has provided for me the clear zukan and the clear Zoroa kid! Thanks! and larvitarscar has sent me the tiny charm! Thank you xD

Now for my Eevee collection! (i dont keep the eevee kids with this collection)

its grown quite a bit! larvitarscar  was nice and sold me the eevee TFG, eevee chou, and espeon chou. and I thank Gin's sister (sorry i dont know your username) for my first retsuden espeon stamp! ive been stamping so many things with it.... including family members xD

Last but least- my KID COLLECTION
I thank larvitarscar once again for this growing collection of AWESOME! (your such a great seller! xD)

this concludes the collection update part of my post! now onto SALEZ!

click here or the banner to be teleported! for Salez

 and heres a preview of upcoming custom post

thanks for looking! :D
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