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New collection pics and crochet fun! :3

Hey there, comm! I hope everyone is having a good day/night/whatever time it is where you are. :D

So I've got a few new collection pics for you guys! (did I say a few? I meant A WHOLE BUTT LOAD.) I also have a few questions.... let's just get started, huh?

First up, a few new 'zards and chars. Mostly new chars. ... Don't ask me to list what items came from what sellers, as they came from several different lovely people. (I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA.)

I can't get over how cute the candy dispensers are. Seriously. SO FREAKING AMAZING.  And how tiny and cute are those roller stampers? Oh my Arceus, how awesome. <3

But... does anyone happen to know what this gorgeous figure is?

I think I got it from shiny_vulpix , but they just listed it as like, "awesome charizard figure." I love it so much but I know nothing about it. It says "2005 Hasbro" on the bottom, and it has some metal parts and computer chips inside the base... any ideas?

Also... FLAREONS! Ok, so only two of the figures are new (both of the kids, one clear and one not), but look how awesome they are together.... *_* The first one on the left came straight from Japan from thalnos8888 when he went on a trip there a few years ago... I've had the old tomy (second from the right) since forever ago, and the right one was a very lucky find at TRU. <3 I was also really lucky to get the reverse holo card in a pokemon card tin I bought last week. YAY FLAREONS OMG.

(The tiny Flares pay homage to their overlord.)

And now for something completely different... my little pink collection! :D First up, CHANSEYS.

The far right one is the king of derps... how adorable. :) (But my favorite has to be the nurse chansey kid. I've recently fallen in absolute LOVE with nurse chansey stuff... have you seen the pokeball plush? Too. Cute.) I also got a super adorable chansey settei from moguryuu in the mail today, but I was lazy and didn't take another picture. :P Maybe next time!

SLOWPOKES. YES. (You know you love them, too. Everyone's a slowpoke fan at heart!)
This tiny slowpoke collection desperately needs the pokemontime coin bank. :( SIGH.

Moving on.... GEN V STUFF!

Yes, I bought pretty much all of the first set from sunyshore... How could I not? They're pretty much amazing. (bonus- I got five pieces of TOTALLY FRESH AND DELICIOUS ramune candy from these. That was worth the price alone! xD)


POKABUS. I've actually had the plush for about a month now, but he had to hide in a box all this time... You see, I had bought a Tsutarja for thalnos8888 as a birthday present at the same time, and I couldn't show off Pokabu without him finding out about my order.... but his birthday was saturday, so now pokabu can be free. FREEEE.



So you guys probably didn't know it, but... I'm pretty into crocheting. :D Of course I've been trying to make some pokemon patterns, too.... my latest one? Well, let's take a look.

Can you guess what pokemon I'm trying to make? (Don't scroll down and cheat. D:)


..... No?


.... Need a hint?


Ok then. Time's up.

YESITSHONCHKROWOMG.   Honchkrow has absolutely NO. PLUSH. I intend to reconcile this. (Why do my top favorite pokes have like no merch? Poor houndoom and honchkrow...)

Obviously he's not quite finished yet... but omg I'm so proud of him so far. <3

Murkrow isn't sure what to think about him.

See? Almost finished. He's missing his giant white chest feathers and, uhm, wings and feet, but I still love him so far. <3 I'm fairly new to crocheting, so making my own patterns is still pretty daunting. BUT I'M SO PROUD OF HIS "HAT" AND TAIL, YA'LL. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. NO. IDEA. :D :D :3

Honchkrow is not amused by Ampharos' shenanigans.

And while we're on the subject of Honchkrows..... LOOK. More settei from moguryuu . This was the piece I was most excited to get from them. :D Its a REALLY big help to see these when you're in the middle of making plush... especially for that damn weird tail of his. There were like NO clear images of that thing anywhere. xD

(You can also see my spiffy new honchkrow battle coin. SO COOL. I didn't even know it existed til I saw it in someone's sales post. SO NEAT.)

So I've recently acquired sales permission (yeeessss!), and I'll probably be making a sales post in the near future, but first I had some questions. ... Ok, more like one question. I'm curious as to how you guys determine shipping for your sales. Do you have a scale or something that you use to weigh the package and then calculate the price online or what? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!! <3

Also, for those interested, I'm planning on starting crochet plush commissions! They won't open for a while though, but I'm really excited to try them out and to try making all kinds of new pokemon for you guys. (I even have some Trainer dolls in the works- currently working on the female trainer from Black and White! :D) I'll also be making some crochet pokeballs and such, which I'll include in the sales post 'cause they're quick and easy to make and generally awesome. :) But I'll talk about those more in a later post... Keep an eye out for it! :3

I'll also be including some of these in that future sales post as well....

How would you like to have this tasty, nutritious....

SLOWPOKETAIL? For you right now, just $1,000,000! You'll want this!

(Don't worry; they'll be a lot cheaper in the sales post. :3)

Finally, some requests: if anyone has another slowpoke-line zukan for sale, please let me know! Someone special needs one very badly. Also looking for a Raichu canvas plush! :) And as always, let me know about any houndoom, honchkrow, charizard, and flareon stuff you may have for sale. (I've also sorta set up mini collections for Chanseys, Slowpokes, and Dialgas, too.... so I might want some more things for them, too.) :3

That's enough for now; thanks for looking! :3 Have a fantastic day!!
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