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Shiny Zorua plush, commission slot auction...!?

Greetings! from the land of Brokenback Mountain T_T
Anyone have any tips on how to avoid or ease the pain of working all day on plushies? I always sit on the floor while I'm cutting the pattern (and it hurts to use scissors too, I have to wear a glove!) and after a few hours I feel like I've been carrying a Snorlax around on my back. Oh well, that's the price you pay to create plush I guess! /ramble

Well, two of them actually. The Shikijika Pokedoll is a prototype of something I'm hoping to accomplish in the future, but I bet you're looking for THIS

1:1 Shiny Zorua custom plush! Yay! And it isn't even an illusion! ....the sparkles aren't real though.


"Hello there, good sir"

I whip my head to the right!

Someone's been a bad Zorua....

Emo Zorua wants to learn CUT


Ahem, yes. The auction! I'll start lower and extend the auction end time for this one because I FEEL LIKE IT. Still no BIN though :D Also I should note that I will not be making any more like this, so it is, howyousay, OOAC~ made of minky, suede scleras, blah blah blah

1:1 Shiny Zorua plush auction
Start Price: $70.00 USD
Minimum Increments: $1.00 USD
Shipping: $6.00 (US, CAN), $8.00 (UK), $12.00 (AU) ...ask about other areas
End Date: Sunday, November 21 @ 6:00PM EST

So that should be it then...... ....... .....oh yes, the commission slot.

I have more fabric than I know what to do with, and more free time than I have fabric. Which means! Custom/Commission Slot Opening Time: The First! Er, my first anyway. I've never done a plush commission but I'd like to try, and I also enjoy dollars. BUT if you plan on bidding, please have a few choices in mind, because I'm not *that* experienced as a plusher, and I don't want to ruin anything... but I'll try my best... also I want to stick to Pokemon only for this auction, if that isn't already a given. winner must pay hospital bills for the resulting back breakings


unless you win the auction :D

Commission Slot auction
Start Price: $80.00 USD
Minimum Increments: $1.00 USD
Shipping: TBD
End Date: Sunday, November 21 @ 6:00PM EST

**Most plush I make are around 14" tall, but I can also take a shot at making a Pokedoll-esque plush if you like. No shiny remakes of existing dolls though!**

And now you can all enjoy my EV-trained Slowpoke |D

Tags: custom, plush, zorua
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