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Rare Groundbreakers TFG Auctions!

I've recently acquired some beautiful Groundbreakers TFG figures! They all came from the starter sets that saw a limited release before the line was canceled, so all of them are official!

All of these figures are used. I bought them second-hand, but I can assure you they're all in great condition! Most of the figures have some slight paint rubs, but nothing severe. Take a look~ :D

Auction Rules
I ship from the US and will happily ship anywhere!
I accept Paypal only~ 
Please bid in the appropriate thread and reply to the previous bidder.
Bids placed in the wrong place will NOT count.
Please bid with at least $1 increments
All community rules apply, including the sniping rule
Bids are binding. Deleting or withdrawing a bid will result in negative feedback.
If you have a question, please feel free to ask! :)

Shipping Info
There will be two kinds of shipping offered- please be aware of the potential costs before bidding
Option #1: Padded envelope with careful bubble-wrapping (Estimated shipping costs: $2.50-5)
Option #2: Small box with careful padding (Estmiated shipping costs: $5-10)
Shipping costs do not include supply costs (which will be minimal)
I do offer refunds on shipping fees over-charged by more than $1
Please note: I will do my best to insure the safety of each figure, but I am not responsible for any damage done to them by the mail service. This includes lost packages. Once the item is out of my hands... well, it's out of my hands. I've never had a packaged lost, so we should be good!

Excellent Condition, very slight paint rubs on the face
Starts @ $10  |  BIN: $40

Very Good Condition, minor paint rubs that should be able to be removed
Starts @ 8  |  BIN: $15

Very Good Condition, very minor paint rubs, peg that goes from base into the figure is broken, so it wobbles a very slight bit
Starts @ $8  |  BIN: $15

Very Good Condition, some small scratches and paint rubs on the head
Starts @ $5  |  BIN: $10

Excellent Condition, very very small gray paint rubs in a few places
Starts @ $5  |  BIN: $10 SOLD


Very Good Condition, paint rubs on higher points
Starts @ $5  |  BIN: $8


Excellent Condition, slight paint rub on leg (visible in second picture)
Starts @ $7  |  BIN: $12

Very Good Condition, very small paint rush on leg
Starts @ $7  |  BIN: $12

Auctions will end on Sunday, November 21st at 11:59pm EST

Tags: figures, geodude, hariyama, latias, latios, mightyena, raticate
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