Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tomy GB Is In !??!!

 Holy shit guys I was not expecting these guys to come in so fast, They were just shipped out on the 12th of this month :D.They weren't due for another three weeks.

Now this lot was a hit and miss with marks,but their all legit except for a few I'm unsure.

I'll be going for a shipping quote tomorrow so if you want to add anything do it now c: 

All Extra's are posted at the bottom for sale c:

naialana Jirachi is in pretty ok shape I don't know if you can tell but he has little lines on his face and had dirt on his face and body,but I rubbed most of it off.

flag Taillow is fine except for small marks on his stomach, He has a small hole on his back but so does the other taillow so I think they go to a playset.

pokezombie Vulpix is perfectly fine c:

floette Kabutops is fine c:

little_ledyba Doduo is fine but ledyba has little marks on her stomach and back.

tsuki_no_eifie Gardevoir and Haunter are fine,but their really small,they look like they belong to playsets c:

ohmyskele Porygon looks fine on his left side but on his right theres a green marks

raikou_chan Clear Treeko is fine c:

gabtizzle Abra,wigglytuff,and lapras(marks on belly) are fine, but Kangaskhan and nidorina got the short end of the stick they are completely beat up D:

Extra Tomy's c:

50 cents Each
Gone:Chansey,Raichu,1 Mewtwo,Oddish,and Taillow

Pencil Toppers,Jigglypuff ( says tomy but has a hole at the bottom of her),and Blue Metal Koffing
Gone: Koffing and Venusaur

Smaller Figures 25 cents each (I think the unknown is a zukan piece) 
Gone:Mudkip,Abra,gastly,and Lickylicky(sp xD;)

Beat up Tomy's 25 cents

Random Seashell piece ( say's tomy but its not pokemon) 10 cents

and an Update for me c:

(Dragonite was completely legit by the way,his eyes just looked weird in the photo)

and this guy I'm so happy to get <3 He talks but I took his batteries out because it was annoying me D:

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