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Question: how to get started to sell?

Hey guys, I am thinking of it's the time for a new post here. Recently I just found it's fun to shop on Y!J through SMJ, but those heavy middle costs almost used up my budget. Now I am considering to sell some of my collection stuffs to earn money, but I had no selling experience at all. The most confusing part to me is how to get through the shipping stuff. How do you guys calculate the shipping cost to the buyer? And based on what do you decide to choose the shipping method- ie. for USPS, First Class or Priority? And what is the most cost efficient way to get all shipping materials, ie. bubble wrap, envelope, and postage? Sorry for the long paragraph, and I am not sure if it is a right thing to post here. Just let me know if it annoys other users and I will try to contact some mod to get information instead, I guess?

PS: I will post a new collection update soon, so just look forward. There will be zukans, cool figures and cute plushies in it. See ya~
PS2: I know it is not OK for me to sell here, so on which site did you guys started selling items?
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