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super multipurpose offers, questions, gots, and wants!

Hello all! I just wanted to give a halfway reminder of my offers for a Skitty and Delcatty Line Zukan, Mewtwo Plush and Arceus Figure. =) Thank you everyone for your bids! I just wanted to say however, that I was expecting around $25+ on Skitty and Delcatty Zukan since that's how much I paid for mine, so we will see! :)  There are 2 days left!

Click here or the picture to be transported to the offers!

Second up is a question. How many of you miss the package to sign for and get a pink slip in the mail? That's what happened to one of my packages and I went the next day to claim it. They told me it was not there and to try back later. The thing is that I had to sign for stuff like 15+ times for my packages and it was ALWAYS there the next day. Also the pink slip said Attempted Delivery on 11/16 and avaliable for pickup on 11/17, but the thing is... I got that slip on 11/15... xD I guess he just forgot the date, but... I don't know how the mail works, but shouldn't the truck be emptied at the end of each shift? So my package should have gotten stored there yesterday... Plus the tracking website did not update with any information whatever. I didn't have time to go today so I am taking some time off tomorrow to see, but I was wondering if anyone had something like this happen? It was an expensive package and I know I can check tomorrow, but I'm just so anxious... xD SORRY FOR THE WALL OF TEXT, BUT HOW LIKELY DO YOU THINK IT'S LOST? D:

I came home yesterday to 5 beautiful packages waiting for me ._.  You sellers are all so awesome. <3

Espeon Topper! Here is my Espeon mini-collection. I went out and bought the Theme Deck and pulled Espeon Holo. SWEET.

I couldn't decide between Buizel UFO or Buizel Canvas. :( But I caved and got the Canvas. HE IS SO CUTE. And then the plush that took FOREVER to find and get. The Pumpkinchu!!!!

And lastly are my most wanted items of all :( The Sinnoh zukan gods! I just love the 4 gods and they are one of my mostest favorite Pokemons EVER! Thank you! <3

Then my wants list. SHORT AND SWEET. Nincada Kid, Tyrouge Kid. Gary Oak Kid.
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