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A grail item has popped up but I picked these up before even finding out about that. 8'D

When asked a collector of these recommended I auction them so here they are~
These are Candy Topper figures! Adorable little figures that tend to become a little hard to find once the set runs its course. Inside the still sealed bottles are candy. These are from Movie 13 and lookit that adorable little Raikou poppin out to say "OHAI. :3 I'm in ur clouds making thunderstorms. :3333"

Each start at $10. They are mint condition, just picked up from the store today. :D Due to these just being picked up today and still sealed in plastic the candy is still good to eat. :)

Auctions end November 22nd at 8pm PST!
Paypal only!
No sniping as per comm rules, 5 min extension and all that~

Banner art by meuniere
Tags: entei, raikou, sales, suicune
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