Pannsie (pannsie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick boring wants SORRY!

Oh hey guys.
So I just lost an auction for a DX Venusaur Plush (idk how, BUT THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT). Before I pin all my Christmas hopes and dreams on another DX Venu, I wanted to quickly come to you guys and see if you have one to part with!

If any of you guys out there have this plush, and you're willing to part with it, please to be letting me know! Tags do not matter, and it's ok if it's a little loved. I know shipping will be a ball buster, but I'll be right. :D

I promise my next post will be more interesting. 8D;; Carry on!

Found one! Thank you all for your helpful comments. This comm is the best. ;; <3
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