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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

A Wild Grail Has Appeared!!

Ok, a grail of mine has finally surfaced! Rodney is willing to help me obtain this grail as his Christmas present to me, but I do not think he realizes how serious Pokemon collecting can get! So, I decided to auction something of mine off! Something, that I hate to part with, but if it is for a grail...then this sacrifice will be worth it!! An item, I know many Pokemon collectors still want...

Yes, not just any Eevee...but the 1/1 Eevee of your dreams!! XD

Pokemon Center 1/1 Eevee - Current Highest Bid - $200.00

I really, really, really hate to part with her! Big V, as I have dubbed her, will not come with the collar or Egyptian charm that I made for her! I customized her to my tastes and I figured the new owner should customize her to their own tastes! As you can see, she is mint with original hang tag still attached!

Bidding starts at $160.00 $125.00, please bid in increments of $1.00!

Auction starts today the 18th of November and will end Monday at 4:00 pm on the 22nd of November, Eastern Standard Time!


Here is a timer for those who are not in my timezone:

Though this one appears to be in military time...So, the auction will end at 16:00 on the 22nd!

The Rules, Shipping & Payment:

No sniping!

If it gets down to the wire and a new bid is place, I will extend the auction by 10 minutes, this is only fair...

My place is smoke free, but pet friendly! Occasional, cat hair may accompany your purchase. I try my best to remove all cat hair before shipping items, but it does have a mind all it's own! Just think of it as a free gift from Jaden and Jiraiya!

Auction prices DO NOT include shipping or "fees!" I live in the US, for those wondering...

I take Paypal, Money Orders, Checks & Cash (AT SENDERS RISK!)...

With money orders & checks, I wait until the bank has given me the "OK" before mailing out the buyers items. This can take up to a couple weeks. If you pay by cash, then you send it at  your own risk...I am not responsible for lost are stolen mail!!!

Payment Plans:

Since this money is needed for a current auction on Y!J, I really can not take a payment plan at this time...I can consider it though if it is a payment plan of just two timely separate payments!

Payment plans are now more flexable...

I expect payment on the day(s) we discuss...I don't want to hear "Well, my cat ran off with my wallet." I understand when things happen, but a payment plan is an obligation so keep this in mind! Paypal fees will be tacked on for each payment...

For those new to the community and who really do not know me, here is my feedback with the community:

My Feedback Thread

So, that is it! I do have a very tiny collection update coming soon and that long promised Giratina Origin Form collection re-intro post of mine!

Good Luck!!

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