toothpaste kisses (marigoldkisses) wrote in pkmncollectors,
toothpaste kisses

Collection post! I bet my cut breaks again :3

Ahhh, I've been lurking for so long, biding my time >.> <.< ... Not really, I was just going to wait until everything I've ordered arrived n__n Buuuuuut, I keep ordering new things :X And therefore, a collection pic now is fine too (':

My lovelies n___n although there is only 13 thus far xD I am expecting moar ;D I have ordered many more.

EDIT: MY CUT WORKED OMG (and now I've broken it );), also for some reason I want to put where I got stuff :3

Hasbro Jigglypuff and Butterfree is what's left of my collection as an 8 year old xD;, my mother threw most of my stuff out ); Poliwhirl is from eBay, as are both Mudkips (my boyfriend bought me weeny Mudkip, I love it but I needed a bigger one n__n), Togekiss is from an anime shop. Gizamimi Pichu is from firebomb, Happiny is from sorcererhuntres, Snorlax is from kyogres, Pachirisu from helloskitty, Slowking from Amazon ;D, and KFC Vulpix is from nagaineko :3
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