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these are figures made by me,this is my first post,I have been a member since a long time ago, but I was too busy to post,I work in a shop for selling  hand made items,charms,key chains and sculptures,and at the same time I am studying art and design.
actually my pokemon collection is so small,most of my collection are my customs, i am a BIG fan of pokemon,and that's why I am making pokemon customs,and I really love the new series,but up till now there is no new trainer figures,I always want to have a big collection of pokemon human characters,but there is no much of them,most of them are ash and his friends,anyway I decided to make my own collection of human figures,and i had started with three of the main characters
  ash,dawn and Iris( I like this girl) they are 5 inch tall,o I remember one of the things I REALLY hate in figures is the sizes,the latest trainer figurs, jakks figures, ash,dawn and brock were nearly the same height,more over their pokemon where huge,so I decided to make them with their actual size,ash,dawn are the same height and iris is shorter,also they are poseable,ash can rotate his cap,and all of them can move their arms.
and the have all their items bag,pokedex,pokeball and even baries.
right now I am working on dento,team rocket,shooti,also misty,may,brock,tracey and gary(but I am waiting until they release their new designs ) after that I will try to make some gym leaders and game characters.
also some pokemon

this  pikachu is actually a repaint of an old,damaged bootleg pikachu figure.

I will try to make every single pokemon with all their forms.
thanx for watching,I am not good in talking about me and my work,and I know this post may confuse you a bit.
next time there will be a huge update,with all new characters.
see ya :)

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