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Yes! To help with that Pokémon plushie collection thingy, here are all the plushies I and my siblings have - including my sister's Eevee which had been missing for quite some time.

So anyway, here we go! ^.^

The love of my life, the Mewtwo knapsack plushie who sleeps with me every night! He was a birthday present from my late grandmother, and I think I got him about seven years ago.
Unfortunatey, I cut off the tags ages ago, except for one that only has the Pokémon and Nintendo logos. Sorry. >> (Approximately 1.5 feet tall, overstuffed so he makes a bad knapsack)

Probably got this boy about eights years ago for Channukah (aka Christmas) - again, no tag. >> About a foot tall.

The only tags remaining on this guy provide no help, but as you can tell from the less-than-great quality (especially his poor excuse for a tail flame), he's pretty old - again, guessing maybe eight years old, first plushie series sort of thing. He's a Hasbro from 1999; about four inches tall.

My sister's Eevee; same series and same height as the Charizard. About four inches tall, not counting the ears, Hasbro, 1999.

Doubtless you've seen this guy before. Jakks, 2007, maybe 11 inches. :P

This belongs to my brother (and is rather dirty). Tags were again, long cut off, but it's about four inches tall. And it has two tails for some reason. o.O

My brother's Plusle. Hasbro, 2004. Without the ears, it's about two inches tall and four from snout to paw.

My sister's Minun (they got the rodents at the same time, of course). Again, Hasbro, 2004, two inches tall, but only about three inches long.

Well that's it. Finally found the Eevee, too. :3

Hope this helps some! ^^

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