Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Big Eevee Grail Get! + Sales

After many months + years of searching and watching eBay listing,
I finally saw a big grail of mine.Ever since I saw this big Eevee in someone collection I always wanted one,and wondered if I would ever get one,seen as there heavy and shipping would be expensive and not many like to ship big items.But luckily while browsing eBay few days ago my big eevee appeared ^_^!
So im proud to present one of two of my newest Eevee Plush additions to my collection.

A big box appears!
Kio : Lets Open it
Lil Vee : yes!! maybe its candy : D

Lil Vee: what doesn't candy..?
My...what big eyes you have O.O
VeeZilla: the better to see you my dear!

And a Big Zilla Eevee Appears!
Pokedoll for size reference c: this guy very big around 24inch tall! and length wise from nose to tail.At first glance it appears like any regular play-by play eevee so it always tricky to tell,but since I own another eevee same material and different size I was able tell that i dint have this big guy ^^ so im happy to have this cutie in my collection!I been searching and hoping someday to get this vee and now I have so im super happy,I consider this big eevee as my x-mas present to myself x]

Also to anyone who owns a big size eevee,can you tell me the size of yours c:?For some reason I keep thinking there a BIGGER,eevee out there same brand play-by-play,maybe since the stuffing was fuller on the others I see this one seems smaller but any help be great thank you!If there a bigger fish out there I have to keep my eye out,if not im happy with this guy lol.

ALSO! I got Another new eevee, I got while back !
This guy was tricky to get aswell as it looks like the TOMY version but in fact it different ,it tush tag and it coloring a bit different so had to have it.And lucky I got this cutie ^^,Pictured with the tomy eevee they look so alike!

And now Family Eevee Plush Photo!
These are all my lovely pups ^^
many styles,sizes,material! there all so unique and awesome
Plush count is 54! ,51 minus the puppet and eevee hairscrunchy and picture holder but they all
have some plush like to them :3 ...
Anyways...Thanks for viewing! ^^ hope you all enjoyed my lil big update! of my eevee's ^_^

Shameless sales plug ;~;,
Still have lots for sale,and My shipping day is tomorrow and monday,after that I be going out of town for the holiday,hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving ^^ and ty for reading!
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