grapelemon (grapelemon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: Lapras Plushie/Pokedoll


I'm looking to buy a Lapras plushie of some kind. What I have in mind is the Lapras Pokedoll in this image:

However, if anybody has another kind of Lapras plushie available, I'd be interested to see it. I'll need the plushie shipped to Australia, and I'll need to receive it by the beginning of January. Additionally, I want the plushie to be in a good condition, preferably new.

If anybody has one which they're willing to sell, or if anybody would be able to buy one from a store and then sell it to me, please let me know. Thank you very much.

EDIT: Apparently new Lapras Pokedolls are sold at Epcot in Disney World, so I'd really appreciate it if anybody is able to go there to get one for me and sell it to me.
Tags: lapras, plush, wanted
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