mandysaurus_rex (mandysaurus_rex) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Few Questions

I was wondering if anyone has heard from [info]crasherwake recently?
I won and paid for something about 3-4 weeks ago now and I'm a little worried > ~>
I thought it'd be here by now.

Got an answer.
If you are waiting for anything from her she said she started a night job so it's taking a bit longer. And everything should be shipped out by this week if we haven't gotten it yet :]

And I was also wondering if anyone knew when the BW final starter evos plush dolls will be coming out?
And how much one of them would probably be?

and to make this less boring
look at what I found at a near by store!

I had actually been planning to buy one soon online, but then I found him at the store so woo!
Got him a lot sooner then expected <3

I actually have a lot to update, but I'm trying to hold off until the last few things arrive in the mail.
Mmkay that's it.

Thanks for looking and any help ^^
Tags: shinx
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