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Mid-auction reminder for my Beast Candy Figures auction~

I don't know if I'll be able to get any more or not. The store didn't have many and they stock Pokemon merch really unreliably. First time I ever went to the place they had a sticker label for kids but there were no kids at all anywhere. .__. Never got more after that. Almost never have figures except for candy figures and even then they're uncommon.

Also a quick sales link since I originally hid it under a cut so some people might not have seen. 8'D

Banner art by meuniere

And lastly I have a recent get to share~ Sorry for anyone on my FL who has already seen it. XD

Adorable Shandera Pokedoll plush from slothyshroom <333 c:

I'm hoping that soon I'll have a more unique kind of custom to update with. c: I've got all the fabric for it and want to start it really soon. <3 For now unless you're on my FL is a secret. ;D
Tags: collection, custom, entei, gen5, plush, raikou, sales, suicune

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