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Holiday & new family members welcome post

Dragonite: Yah~hah, I'm almost out of my breath in the package. It took me 17 days to be here.
from Ebay
Other family members: wow, you've just created a new Guinness World Record.
Dragonite: I didn't mean to. Anyway, this is my new home. Let's see, what are those two dragon companies talking about?

Charmander: Oh, another dragon-type guy?Altaria (murmur) : _ _ I don't think we two can be counted to be dragons, though, just lizard and bird
Charmander is from lunaeris  & Altaria is from beavisfreak 

Charizard & Venasaur: we can't seeeeeee!
Articuno & Dialga: Legends rank the first.
Charizard & Venasaur from eevee_kins , Articuno & Deoxys & Blastoise from helloskitty 
Luxray family: It can't be.... we seem to be the smallest, sigh...
Just a short story, thanks.
from Ebay
Tags: altaria, articuno, blastoise, charizard, charmander, deoxys, dragonite, luxio, luxray, shinx
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