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In-Case Figure GA + Mini Collection Update

To all members of the In-Case Figure GA, WE WON! And for starting bid, too ;D We raised a total of $126, and our total with fees is a measly $18.55. Since the amount is so small (and resulting totals were rather tiny), I won't be asking for payment until the figures get to me ♥
If everyone could let me know their zip/country on this spreadsheet, that would be lovely~ That way I'll simply be able to calculate your combined totals once everything gets here! ^^ The invoice is also posted on the spreadsheet so everything's in one place. If you have any questions, let me know!

ETA: GA participants will have first dibs on the extras, and any leftovers from that will be available to the rest of them comm.

Now while I'd really like to do a full collection update, crazy me decided to rearrange my room, so some of my shelves are in disarray *headdesk* However, I can't resist showing off my custom Shandera by usakochan! I've had her for a while, but I hadn't decided on a name for her until last night at the Deathly Hallows midnight showing ♥ So everyone say hi to Loony Luna Lovegood!

She's showing off some of my other recent gets - tiny stickers from okapifeathers, big stickers and a Ponyta versus card from Floaroma Pokemart, and Espeon & Umbreon Johto charms from a GA with pogaf
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